Senior Manager, IT and Design Academy

Senior Manager, IT and Design Academy
Position Type
Senior Manager, IT and Design Academy Full Time



  • IT Services, IT Infrastructure, Audio/Video Infrastructure
    • Design, Plan, Manage and Implement all IT Services & Infrastructure, Audio & Video Infrastructure, leveraging on emerging technology
    • Recognizes and implement continued and necessary improvements.
    • Design, implement quick fix solutions to meet operational demands and gradually operationalize the solution into a School-wide IT Service
  • ICT Training Services          
    • Design, Plan, Manage and Implement ITDA Training Services Roadmap leveraging on emerging technology, trends in employment market and with alignment to Vision, Mission and Values of the School.
    • Recognizes and implement continuous and necessary improvements to the existing Curriculum
    • Ensure 100% delivery of ITDA Training services which are highly relevant, impactful and meeting over School KPI for Quality Education Outcomes and according to ITDA Training Services Roadmap.
  • School-wide ICT enabler
    • Design, Plan and implement School-wide ICT plans, increasing ICT adoption in curriculum and lesson delivery, working towards the fulfilment of the School’s vision to create a technologically savvy and empowered learning community.
    • Ensure school-wide ICT plan is continuously aligned to School strategic plan, leading the School at the forefront of innovation in ICT Learning Technologies and Pedagogies.
  • Support
    • Develop and maintain clear and succinct School-based IT policies in safeguarding utilization of resources and security of the School intellectual property and investments.
    • Standardize Operating Procedures in planning and implementation of new and major modifications to the supporting organization’s applications and ICT training services.
    • Manage an organization wide proactive IT Services & Infrastructure, Audio & Video Infrastructure and ICT Training Services
    • Provide a simple and standardize quality oriented helpdesk support system (on technical support and ICT training support)
    • Provides professional and useful advice (but not limited to) on use of School based devices, applications, platforms, etc and Educational Technological areas of Schoolwide events.
  • Asset Management      
    • Helps decide, in conjunction with corporate leadership, which ICT tools and products are most suited for use within the school’s infrastructure.
    • Oversees IT-related asset purchases on an organization-wide basis.
    • Manages software licenses and it’s compliance on an organization-wide basis.
    • Lead and Inventory manage and maintain all Educational and Training ICT resources with the ITDA Specialists (Training)
    • Lead and oversee procurement of all Educational and Training ICT resources with the ITDA Specialists (Training) 
  • Client Management   
    • Anticipates internal users needs and proposes alternative business or/and school operation solutions.
    • Continually seeks and capitalizes upon opportunities to increase internal user satisfaction, deepen user rapport and building high emotional bank accounts
  • Any other responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor



  • Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering/Computer Science/Engineering
  • In-Depth Knowledge in IT related areas: Firewall, TCP/IP, Microsoft SQL Server, Application Design & Development, Database systems
  • In-Depth Knowledge in AV related areas: Video Conferencing Systems, Audio/Visual systems for events, meetings and conferences
  • At least 5 years’ experience in IT & AV Services Related field  
  • A genuine desire to serve the special needs community


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