Autism Learning Tour

Autism Learning Tour

The Autism Resource Centre (S) organises scheduled and fee-based Autism Learning Tours to promote a deeper understanding of the service models it offers at various life stages. These educational tours are specially catered to leaders, educators and other professionals in the autism community.

All fees will be directed to our charity's Poor and Needy Fund for our beneficiaries from low-income households.

Your visit will begin with an information session which is an introduction to the organisation as well as the signature programmes and services of ARC(S) and its related entities. Following the information session, you will be taken on either a walking or virtual tour of our campus. During the tour, you'll visit our campus facilities and participate in guided observations and discussions.

The tour(s) will be led by consultants, leaders, educators and job coaches from ARC(S), WeCAN Early Intervention Programme, Pathlight School, Eden School and Eden Centre for Adults, depending on the tour(s) selected.

 You can learn more about our programmes from the tours available:

Tour 1: Early Intervention Programme (EIP) Model

WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) for preschool children

ARC(S)’s WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is the first Autism Early Intervention Programme in Asia to be globally accredited by the National Autistic Society in the United Kingdom. We will share with you the Accreditation process and what it takes to attain the global accreditation status.

It is widely acknowledged that early intervention is key to developing effective and successful intervention strategies for individuals with autism – the concept of giving them a head-start in life.

WeCAN EIP aims to maximise the learning potential and development of life skills for young children with autism.

Come and watch our experienced teachers and consultants work, coach and play with these special young individuals.

Tour 2: Special Education School Offering Mainstream Curriculum Model

Pathlight School: Academic and Life Skills Education for school-aged individuals with the cognitive ability to access a National Curriculum

Pathlight School is Singapore’s first autism-focused school and the only special education school that offers a National Curriculum together with life readiness skills.

Invited by the Ministry of Education, it began operations in 2004 with 41 students and is currently serving over 1,400 school-age students with autism. Pathlight School caters to students on the autism spectrum aged between 7 to 21 years who are cognitively able to access mainstream academic curriculum but require additional support.

You will have the opportunity to witness, either during the tour or through videos, Pathlight School students as they study, work and play in an autism-friendly environment.

Tour 3: Vocational Education and Life Readiness Model

Eden School: Vocational, Functional and Life Skills Education for school-aged individuals with moderate to severe autism

Eden School provides quality autism-friendly education for students with moderate to severe autism aged 7 to 18, to equip these students with independent life skills and employability readiness skills.

The school curriculum provides an educational experience that will empower students to lead productive and fulfilling lives with the greatest degree of independence that they are capable of achieving. Students learn basic life skills, work habits, and functional social and communication skills, complemented by a functional numeracy and literacy curriculum. Students are assessed for a vocational readiness curriculum from age 13.

Come and witness how our skilled teachers and coaches provide systematic instruction and opportunities to our students for their learning and practice.

Tour 4: Day Activity Centre Model

Eden Centre for Adults: Day Activity Centre for adults (over 18 years old) with moderate to severe autism

Formerly known as Autism Youth Centre, it was renamed Eden Centre for Adults (ECFA) and repositioned as an adult centre in 2010. This was in response to the changing landscape of needs in the post-18 service areas for individuals with autism. Guided by the principles of Meaningfulness, Independence and Dignity, its mission is to be the leading centre in establishing Quality Long-term Outcomes in Autism.

The ECFA currently operates two-day activity centres for adults diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. You will be able to join the clients as they participate in a variety of activities in a highly individualised, structured and autism-friendly environment.

Tour 5: Employment Support Model

ARC Employability and Employment Centre (E2C): Employment assessment and skills training for youths/young adults with autism who are over 18 years of age)

Officially launched on 19 March 2012, ARC(S)’s Employability and Employment Centre, or E2C as it is affectionately known, is the first of its kind in Singapore.

E2C is an employment service that aims to equip suitable adults with autism with employable skills through training; the end in mind being eventual placement in suitable jobs with appropriate job support for successful employment.

Our experienced job coaches will take you through the different pre-vocational and vocational models specifically for individuals with autism. You will get a chance to witness first-hand how the different proto-type worksites have been and can be successfully implemented.


Due to resource constraints, consideration will be given to non-profit organisations and is subject to the availability of presenters.

Date & Time

By appointment only; to be mutually agreed.


Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)
5 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 569739


S$300 per participant per tour.

Important Note:
  • All fees, net of expenses, will be channelled to the ARC Poor and Needy Fund.
  • Minimum of 8 participants. A maximum number of participants may be imposed for certain tours.
  • Fees are subject to prevailing 9% GST.
  • Inclusive of handouts, ARC(S) and related entity brochures, training calendar and light refreshments.

For appointments and enquiries

Ms Lina Kam, Assistant Manager
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