Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises

ARC(S) set up two social enterprises - The Art Faculty and Professor Brawn to create and provide more job opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum and adults with other disabilities.

More than just jobs, these represent opportunities for persons with disabilities to lead dignified and financially independent lives as contributing members of society. For staff like Madam Tan Geok Lay who is deaf, Professor Brawn is more than just a bistro to her. It is where she gets affirmation from her co-workers and the opportunity to contribute to others. For café assistant Xavier Yap who is on the autism spectrum, it is his second home and space for him to grow and learn to handle more responsibilities.

Through these platforms, ARC(S) hopes to celebrate abilities and encourage more like-minded partners to work together with us to build a more inclusive society for our future generations.


The Art Faculty

The Art Faculty (TAF) is a social enterprise that retails products showcasing the artistic talents of students and alumni of Pathlight School.

Our differently-abled artists earn royalties from the sale of their artwork and merchandise. They also learn about the value of good work habits and financial independence. TAF also collaborates with brands, retailers, organisations, social enterprises and art practitioners to maximise the potential and showcase the talents of artists with special needs.

Check Out the Work of Our Differently-Abled Artists


Professor Brawn

Professor Brawn is a Food and Beverage (F&B) social enterprise dedicated to providing job opportunities for the special needs community.

The café’s mission is to provide affordable good food by an inclusive quality workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. The original founders donated the brand and know-how to ARC in mid-2018 to enable the charity to scale up the operations and help more persons with disabilities.

Prof Brawn opened its first outlet at Raffles Institution in 2018, and its 2 public outlets at Pathlight School and Enabling Village in 2019.

Come and Enjoy Great Food for A Great Cause

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