Prevalence of Autism in Singapore

Prevalence of Autism in Singapore

How many people in Singapore have autism?

In Singapore, it is difficult to provide a statistical figure on the actual number of persons affected by autism. There have been no accurate studies conducted in Singapore to establish exact prevalence rates here, but it is likely that, based on prevalence rates worldwide, the figure will be in the region of 1 % of the total population.


Prevalence of Autism


Does autism affect certain racial groups more than others?

Autism is found all over the world in families of every racial, ethnic and social background. Family income, lifestyle and educational levels do not affect the prevalence of autism.

Why is autism more common? Has there been an increase in autism?

NO. There has been an increase in clarity of the diagnostic criteria, which means that more individuals are being appropriately diagnosed. This has been paralleled by an increase in awareness and knowledge among diagnosticians and other professionals. This means that fewer people go undiagnosed than in the past.

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